The Universe, could it be so simple. "Multiverse's"



The Universe, could it be so simple.


 All my life, I have been thinking of space, the universe, and what it all is about.


 I believe our understanding of the universe is flawed. I feel there are other universes out there very far away and beyond our comprehension. These other universes are so far away light has not reached our universe.  I feel our universe was created 13+ billion years ago by an exploding black hole which got to heavy and exploded. I believe there are more of these giant black holes out there.


 Think of space, as a substance and our black hole exploded in it, (like a bubble in water), that is our universe, the bubble. Everything we know and think about is in this bubble. This is where the 30 pounds of vacuum comes from.


 Black/Dark Matter: The 5X (5.477225) unknown, known only as Black/Dark Matter is just the vacuum of space, tugging on the matter. I noticed this is not included in any of the formulas.

30 (pounds of space vacuum) divided by 5.477225 = 5.477225

I also believe the Black/Dark Matter may be the substance outside of our bubble.


 Space Travel: First off we all think of the speed of light, well I believe matter cannot travel that fast, so matter would have to be changed to a light wave than back to matter, we all know this isnít possible. The answer: a species would have to have a long life span to travel between planets, plane and simple.  Humans have doubled their life span in the past 5000 years, so maybe 100,000 years from now we just might be a species capable of travel to the stars. Note we have trees in California that are 500 years old. *Note! It seems matter in a black hole spins so fast light cannot escape, so this means it is traveling faster than light. I must ponder on this for a while.


 Other Species:  Yes indeed life does exist on other worlds, it just could not be that we are the only planet with life. Do the math.


 Time Travel: It just is not possible, in order to do time travel, the whole universe (our bubble in space) would have to go backward/forward in time as well. The power it would take to do this is more than the entire power in the universe.


Ron Larson June 26, 2008