Panama 1973-1975

A Co. 4th / 20th Mech Infantry

Ft. Clayton

Ron Larson


The road to the firing range


Behind the American Legion near Rodmen Navy Base


A Co. 4th / 20th Mech Infantry


Looking for, Jorge Roberto Flores/born in Texas and he was in the US Army stationed at Fort Clayton in Panama around the years of 1973-75 below is his picture, contact  , George Valenzuela

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Messages from others who were stationed there

May/08 ... Message from Paul Webb:

Great photos of Panama/ I was at Ft. Clayton 71-72 and 74-75. I worked at the PAD, Panama Air Depot, on the back side of Albrook AFB. We were first part of Logistic Support and later 590th Aircraft Maintenance. I made many trips to Santa Cruz and Rio Maro beach. We also did some diving off the cliffs at the French Cut. You could dive with a mask and snorkel there and there were oysters. The spillway shot was real cool too. We used to slide down the spillway, the bottom was covered with algae, and end up in the canal. If the ship pilots saw you they would call the CZ Police. Downtown I hung out at the Pan American, King George, and the 4 Aces.

For reasons I don’t remember I never really took any pictures during my misguided youth. I really regret that now. I went from Panama to Vietnam, Ft. Hood, and back to Panama and I have a grand total of one bad photo of me.When I saw the picture of you guys next to that peace sign I actually thought it was me. You ever get late night food at that big Canal Zone Company snack bar operation on the hill. It was a big tin roofed build. We’d get chili and rice.




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 My name's Andy Shreffler, aka Maddog shortened to Dog. I was in A, 4/20 28 Sept 1977 to 26 Sept 1979. I was in 1st Squad, 2nd Plt. My Sqd. Ldrs were SSgt Layne and SSgt Jose Gonzalez. Spurgeon Kinlaw was Plt. Sgt. for 1st Plt. and SFC. Horne was 3rd Plt Sgt. My Plt Sgt was Jessie Beacham, but Bobby Guyer came before him. Our 1st Sgt was Rene Hermadez, followed by Beacham. Do names like Gunner Rowe, Hughie Miller, John Nentl, David Duckworth, Tiny Wagner. ring a bell? You were there two years before me, but it still feels righteous because those were great years in my life and I didn't even realize till years later.I was a machinegunner for 14 months, then a point man for 3 months, then finished out as the PLT RTO. Don't know how I got the clearance as I was a stoner and drinker. Anyway, I liked your site. It brought back memories. I have photos I'd like to post and maybe my own site.

                                                                                                                           Thanks for the memories, Andy Shreffler


Pictures from
Cora Ronai

I saw your e-mail address related to a Panamanian matter, so I presume you will appreciate theses photo albums about the magnificent Canal and the charming Country.
I’m not properly a ’American zonian’, but I lived in Panama during 5 years, working at Hungarian Embassy. Incidentally, in this time, Dino Barkema ( and I become good friends.

Here is the address site:

To see more zonian photos of Panama write Dino Barkema or Barkema in the search window of the portal.

Please, feel free to contact me, Id love so.

With the best Magiar greetings from

Cora Ronai
Consulate of Hungary
Praia do Flamengo, 375
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil